Saturday, 13 February 2016


When it comes to moisturising my skin, I must be the laziest person in the world.  I let my body skin go so dry that it cracks like a completely dehydrated and draught piece of land look alike before paying any attention to it whatsoever.

This year (well from late last year), I decided to do something positive about it.  I bought a bottle of the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser in the hope that it will make life easier when it comes to moisturising my body.  I remember using it in the past but don't recall any impressions from it so I thought I should give this a go.

It sounds like a lazy-person saviour but it isn't quite there yet.  At first I thought I could just spray this onto my skin then that is, meaning - spray and go, no rubbing required then this still would get absorbed by my skin.  Nope, things don't get this straight forward.  Once sprayed onto the skin, it forms this thin layer of white foam then you have to smear it equally over your body. It's a bit disappointing though for me to learn that it's not a one-step-fits-all product. The formulation of the spray is very easily absorbed by the skin and doesn't not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily which is very nice. However you do need to be careful when spraying as if you have sprayed it on the floor and not wipe clean it properly it makes the floor very slippery.

I don't think I would repurchase it once this is finished. Until I have changed my mind in the future about moisturising my body, I think I might leave them until they are cracked. Sorry I know it's gross but that's just me with body moisturising.

Saturday, 6 February 2016


Who can face dry and chapped lips? No one I guess. I suffer from these two all year round although during winter times they do go horribly wrong at times.

I cannot live without lip scrub. I have to exfoliate them regularly, more than for my face. Otherwise they would be in such a state that they are not even "lookable" let alone wearing any lip products.

Kiko Lip Scrub is a rather fantastic product (trust me as I've tried quite a few already). I got this as a set during Christmas time last year. (Sorry therefore it's not available)

It's very similar to the lip scrub by Lush. It's a sugar texture scrub that tastes a bit like sugar although I wouldn't advise swallowing it. I love it the fact that it's rough enough to help scrubbing those dead and chapped skins off from the lips but it's also gentle enough that it isn't too brutal for the lips.

What I love the most about this product is that it leaves a film of moisture (close to a feeling of oiliness) sealed on the lips even after you wash the scrub off. You can forget about applying lip balm straight away as you do get a bit of that protection to your lips afterwards. It's just so amazing that my lips feel treated nicely.

Do you use a lip scrub? What's your favourite ones that has been truly loved?

Saturday, 30 January 2016


Who doesn't love a bit of Chanel, and who doesn't want a bit of Chanel nail products?  Obviously that's me, so when Suzie from HelloOctober highly recommended the Le Top Coat by Chanel, I didn't think twice about getting it and giving it a whirl.

The verdict is, Ooops I spent HK $250 (that's roughly equal to £23) on a top coat for my nails - that is crazily expensive, and I'll cut it short and to the point, it wasn't worth my money.

It didn't give much of a high shine/ glossy finish to my nails, one would expect a lot from Chanel products. 

It isn't quick drying at all and it took me ages for it to dry completely otherwise the nail polish is smudged.

It didn't give a good protection as a top coat so my nail colour was chipped the next day.

I would recommend the top coats from Seche Vite and Sally Hansen. Both outperformed entirely in terms of a glossy and high shine finish, quick drying and good protection to the nails.

What about you? Have you tried any of these top coats? What's your pick?

Saturday, 23 January 2016


I love using cleansing balm for its multipurpose and how good my skin feels afterwards.

The Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquality cleansing balm is a blue coloured cleansing balm, it looks very refreshing and intriguing the first time I opened the lid.  The balm itself felt a bit hard so in terms of scooping them out with my fingers it's not the easiest but it didn't bother me too much.

I'll be honest here, I like it but I don't love the product enough that I would repurchase it.  It's not quite as effective as the Emma Hardie Moringa Oil cleansing balm in removing eye makeup.  I often had to double cleanse by reapplying a bit more of the balm to make sure all of my eye makeup have been removed, or I would need to use a makeup remover to remove my makeup as a first step.

It does leave my skin feeling pretty refreshed and hydrated - the good thing about this is that it doesn't feel greasy at all.  If you were to compare it with the Emma Hardie Mooring Oil - this blue cleansing balm might suit an oily skin type a bit more purely based on how it feels on the skin after using it.  Having said that, I have dry skin and I feel that it is enough to moisturise my skin.

I am more than half way through the product - I think I would go back to my good Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm or the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser - both of which scored higher in the effectiveness of cleanliness overall (makeup and dirt).

Have you tried this before?  Which cleansing balm has a special place in your heart?

Saturday, 26 December 2015


Despite having an extensive makeup collection, and fairly well resourced in the accessorise department; there are times when I would still feel that something is missing and I need a bit of newbie to make me to look forward to getting nicely dressed the next morning.

So I had a few moments to shop in the past few weeks and found a few new bits that I've been obsessed with.

The Balm makeup bits are not easy to get hold of in HK so I snapped up this - In theBalm of Your Hands Holiday Palette when I saw it in a little independent shop recently. Oh wow this palette is sooooo beautiful. I love the fact that it has most of the Balm's most popular face products- blushers: hot mama, instain and cabana boy. The bahama mama's bronzer is something I've wanted to try for such a long time, it's BRILLIANT. I like that it doesn't make me look orange but gives a natural shading to my cheeks. It also comes with 3 eye shadows, the very famous Mary-Lou manizer (love the name!) and 6 lip colours. This will be anyone's perfect travel palette, good to go!

I'm really loving the Oil Control Fixing Spray by Makeup Revolution. Not only is it wallet friendly, it's also effective in keeping oil at bay and making my makeup lasting for longer and better. When its first sprayed on the face it feels a bit tacky but settles supple very soon and absorbed so quickly by the skin. I normally wear my makeup for a good 8 hours and my T-zone is no more greasy and oily. My skin is not so dry now that I live in Hong Kong so controlling a bit of the oil situation has become a bit of a duty for me.

I'm a nail polish junkie so my nails might not be at their best conditions all the time. Cuticles are dry and regular trimming is definitely required. I like to apply this Nail Essence Oil by innisfree (A Korean brand) at night. A recent discovery as well which I'm pleased about. It's not greasy at all and absorbed so easily by my dry cuticles. I have also noticed a difference at the state of my nails. Love it and totally recommend it.

It's the festive season so I wanted to make an extra effort to add some accessories to jazz up my boring usually black outfits. I saw these types of earrings worn by many girls on the street and I really like the look of them. So I picked up 4 pairs to match with my clothings. They are special and unlike any earrings I have worn before. Both the front and back bits of the earrings are designed in their unique ways. It makes them look so much more interesting. I especially love this pair with red lips on the front and pearl baubles at the back- so chic and so stylish. I have been wearing all 4 pairs interchangeably, and feel so special in them.

What are your recent favourites? Have you discovered anything new like I did?

Saturday, 19 December 2015


There are a couple of products which I find myself reaching for every night without fail. An eureka (well not quite) moment sparked and I thought I should share with you what they are and why I stick to them religiously.

Lip balm is something that I simply cannot live without. This Rose Salve by C.O. Bigelow; I'm still trying to use up from last year's Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar. I just love to slather my lips with a ton of lip balm once dinner is done and teeth are brushed (sounds like a little nursery rhyme there!). Then the rest of the evening until the moment I fall asleep, I would just keep reapplying it to keep my lips as moisturised as possible. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I would try to reapply again. I do notice such a difference the next morning when I have my lip balm on the night before.

Next up is some kind of a mentholatum. Oh my nostrils, they are so sensitive to the change of weather.  I simply can't control the number of times I sneeze in the morning, in the evening or in the middle of the night at the peak of season's changes. It's so annoying. So I like to pile a ton of this mentholatum on the surface of my nostrils area, it really helps to calm the symptoms down.

Are these something that you can relate to as your evening staple products?  If not, what products do you swear by at night?

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Hello! In the run up till Christmas, I'm going to do snapmas this year. I'll be bringing you update on "what's in my beauty advent calendar" each day. It's such an exciting time! Plus all the trimmings will mainly be featured on my snapchat- add me on beautyorbread.

This year I have gone the extra miles to own 2 beauty advent calendars- one by Tanya Burr, Deck the Haul. And the other one is by Lane Crawford (HK version of Selfridges) which I'm so exciting about being able to get my hands on it!

Look forward to sharing more with you through snapchat!