Friday, 27 February 2015


Recently I'm loving trying out some new lipsticks, N.B. It's lipsticks not lipgloss. I used to be more of a lipgloss kind of gal because of my dry lips situation but I said to myself, there must be lipsticks out there that would offer both gorgeous colour and the hydration that my lips desperately need.

Both are the kind of MLBB colours. 3CE creamy lip colour in rollercoaster has a very creamy formula. It really is and I was told be careful with it as it might melt if the weather is hot. So you can imagine how creamy the formula is. I expected it to be very moisturising on the lips and it was. However, because of its very (extreme) creamy formula, the finish of it on the lips became very patchy and escentuated the lines on my lips, which is not a good scene at all . It's no good applying it straight from the bullet but I would imagine using a lip brush would help. I always had to use my ring finger to dabble it smoothly to even out the colour on my lips... The colour is a nice pink colour and when swatched on the back of my hand it looks lovely but when it's applied on my lips, it's not flattering at all!

However I found a fantastic lipstick - Lavshuca Lady Rouge in #0914. It's not a shade that I would normally choose but I like that it's very close to my natural lip colour (quite dark). It's not drying at all even without putting on a lip balm beforehand, which rarely happens for me. The colour is perfect for me, brightens up my complexion as well as complementary to any makeup look I wear. I also love how pretty and girly the packaging is, a red wine red with lace pattern on the bullet, and how tiny it actually is which is great for throwing it in my handbag. 

Two lipsticks, which one have you tried?

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Who doesn't love a bit of Chanel makeup?  I have, in the past declared my love to Chanel Makeup; so it was only natural when Chanel launched its lipgloss Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss last year, it was on my definite to-purchase list.  I picked up the one in #15 Sensible, which is a very wearable glossy nude-y pink colour.

I love the packaging, it's a 'high-tech' design, clicky type of tube style; it's chic and slick.  It comes in a 'dover applicator' which is what I like in a lipgloss, the applicator has two slanted surface which must have been specifically designed for making application on the lips much easier, which I agree with.

The formula is slightly on the stickier side which I am not a massive fan of but I could live with.  The colour pay off is on the sheer side, and it is probably down to the shade of colour I chose; but I couldn't compare it with other shades in the line as I haven't tried any of them.  I find when applying on the lips, the colour doesn't transfer to my lips and I have to go back and forth to dip in more products as to give a finish that I would hope to get; which is a bit frustrating.  I might have picked up the wrong shade as well as I don't find it looks particularly flattering on me either.  When first applied on the lips it is very moisturising as I would expect of a lipgloss but as it wears it feels slightly on the drying side on the lips which is disappointing.

I must say this lipgloss didn't deliver for me...... and for £26 it is very expensive!

So.... Chanel Rouge ALlure Extrait De Goss, worth it or not?  I'm sure you know my thoughts!  But I would love to hear from you!!

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Lear, Mr Holiday and I are wishing everyone a very happy CHINESE NEW YEAR, whether or not you are celebrating the year of sheep!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Korean makeup and skincare products are everywhere in Hong Kong.  I tried a few and bought a ton back a few years ago when I first visited South Korea.  

Recently I gave two korean beauty brands a go of their concealers (I love finding a good concealer!) and here's simply what I think of them.

First up, Clio has a relatively well established counter in Watson's and it really attracted me to pick up a couple of products.  The Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer was what I tried.  I like that it has a dover applicator so the application is relatively easy and straight forward.  I don't mind it so much about bacteria stays on the applicator because my face is usually cleaned when I apply my makeup in the morning.  Anyway... This concealer has quite a thick consistency, which compares well with the well loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.  However, it does finish off quite cakey, and definitely not ideal to use as an under eye concealer.  It makes those eye bags jump out even more if anything.  I would use it as pin-pointing concealer for covering up spots, blemishes and marks because of its high coverage.

I have heard a lot of good things about the 3CE Full Cover Concealer so when I saw 3CE's counter in my local shopping mall, I didn't think twice before saying yes to this concealer.  It didn't disappoint me as I think it is suitable to use as an all-round concealer - good for under the eyes and pin-pointing concealing.  

The consistency is quite similar to the Clio's one, being quick thick but when it's blended out with either a brush or using fingers, it brightens off the complexion a little bit whilst giving good coverage to whatever you are trying to cover.  It's not cakey and doesn't dry the skin like the Clio's one does.

I'm so pleased about my Korean beauty finds!

Have you tried either of these concealers?  What's your current favourite concealer?

Monday, 16 February 2015


I was never a beauty spa goer but I do appreciate a bit of home spa treatment.  These days, painting my nails or having a mini facial at home is not down to me who decide when I can have it done but it's all dependent on Baby Lear. Whenever there's a spare moment of quiet down time, I make the most of it.

Recently I tried two budget products which made such a lasting effect on my face I'm so impressed by it that I had to do a big shout-out! They also made a lovely 2-step facial treatments that I'm determined to stick with!

Continuing with the success I had with the brand Formula 10.0.6, I decided to give its another product a go - Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask. I'm not normally an orange-scent product lover and I must be thinking of something quite different when I bought this. The orange scent in it isn't pungent at all and it doesn't annoy my sensory.  This mud mask is a light textured and coloured mud mask which does sting my skin a little bit but doesn't overwhelmed my sensitive skin.  It cleanses my skin so beautifully in just 10-15 minutes, it brightens and clears the pores on my skin.  My skin looks instantly more radiant and clean after using this and the result lasts until the next day!  How great is that!  and I have never tried something quite as effective as this!

The second step is to hydrate my skin and I am currently loving some paper face masks by Dr Morita (Sam Tin).  This hydration masks contain essence of caviar.  Sounds bizarre?  Well, they are when you are in Hong Kong you don't expect nothing less than diamond in your face masks I'm telling ya!  If it does contain caviar essence, brilliant but even if it doesn't; it's very very hydrating to the skin and my skin feels so refreshed afterwards!

I'm just so excited by these two products and how great the results are and the lasting power.  Normally I don't find having face masks done particularly amazing because of the lack of results seen the next day. 

What are you favourite face masks?  

Friday, 13 February 2015


When it comes to beautifying myself, I can't really say I'm a lazy kind of person but I'm definitely one for quick and efficient.  This means that often I overlook or would forget about some important beauty steps that are easily skipped but can make a world of difference.  Here is just a few that I often dread but would kick myself if I don't stick with them. 

For the Face:

I cleanse and moisturise my face religiously day and night but there is one step I often want to pass it up - Toning.  Is it an essential step or is it an extra step then?  I do think that it makes a difference if I tone my face as it helps locking up moisture in my skin.  After cleansing my face, it feels a little bit on the dry side so something to tighten the face is always welcome.  Recently I use a toner by a Taiwanese brand called Kwong Yuen Leung.  It's such an amazing budget skincare buy which costs only HK$29 (around £2.5).  I don't exactly know what the ingredient is in English but I think (don't quote me on this!) it is made from some sort of cucumber essence which all of you know is full of water.  It doesn't smell of anything and is extremely mild to the skin.  I am liking it so far.

Putting on serum is another 'habit' that I have taken up for about a year.  I must say some days I'm not sure if it's working but some days I just swear by it.  The one I'm currently using is Dr Sebagh Serum Repair,  it is shockingly expensive but I got this from the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar last year.  You only need a tiny drop for the whole face.  Is it a nice product?  Yes it is but compared to other serum I've used in the past they work just as fine.  However if it is within your budget (£69 - £86.5), go for it!

Priming the face and eyes when applying makeup are also the two other essential steps that I now swear by it.  Although my skin can generally hold makeup quite well, I still want them to look top-notch by the end of the day with all the running around that I do now.  Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (or Hydrating Primer), and Nars Eye Primer are my firmed favourites.  They provide a smoother surface and endurance for the makeup that I apply on top.  The texture of both products are lovely, too.  

On the nails:

I tend to have ugly cuticles around my nails that often make quite a scene if I don't clear them up which also makes applying nail polish not nice.  Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover has been my good friend for a couple of years.  All you need to do it apply them round the cuticle on your nails, wait for a couple of minutes, then use a stick of some sort to push them in; rinse your nails with warm soapy water, you then get your lovely nails back and they are ready for some colours!  Speaking of putting on nail polishes, are you tempted to just apply nail polish directly to your nails?  Well, don't!  Never!  Not only nail polishes can damage your nails easily, without applying a Top Coat or Base Coat, they just don't last for as long as they should.  Any top coat or base coat will do but Seche Vite Top Coat is amazing!  I didn't like them before but after I rediscovered them, they are my nails life saviour; they provide my nails an extremely quick drying time and gives my nails like a gel nail finish - glossy and shiny!

Hope I have managed to give you some beauty tips on the steps that are often forgotten by most people.  Do you have any beauty steps that you swear by it?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Do you own over 20 nail polishes, or own every colour that is known to human?  But sometimes you just don't know which colour to wear, you know that feeling?

There is ONE nail colour that I just cannot get enough, or would always go back to. It's one trusted, never fails me type of nail polish- #828 Flashing Lilac by L'Oreal. It's a fuschia purple shade that, in my opinion goes with any outfits or brightens up any dull appearance. It makes my nails appear much better than they look. It's elegant yet a very playful colour.

The brush is a flat brush which is fantastic for applications. The formula is just about the right consistency, one or two coats is entirely up to your liking.

This is my all time favourite nail polish/ colour. What's yours?